The change does not take time to create new habits takes time.

Speaker & Leadership Expert

Short Facts:
Name: Kenth Åkerman
Born: 1965
Occupation: Motivational Speaker, leadershipexpert, mental coach,
Family: wife Annika and one son, Emil, icelandic horses, clumberspaniels, two cats
Live: at a farm close to the sea (south of Gotenburg, Sweden)
Hobbies: "permanent life improvement", running, asthangayoga, socialize, good food, travelling, farmwork, personal development...

My vision as a motivational speaker, creator of perspective and mental coach is to create change and greater insight for better customerservice. And to support managers and employees who dare! Leading yourself and others. For more flow, more motivated and successful businesses.
Background and merits:
  • Experienced business developer and entrepreneur.
  • 25 years experience in marketing, customer service, business, leadership and change management.
  • Motivational speaker, lecturer and mental coach full time since 1999.
  • MBA and Certified NLP Trainer
  • Very good ability to manage group processes and unleashing individual, group and organizational potential.
  • Strong commercial focus
  • Winner of the Golden Key (Guldnyckeln, SWEDMA) several years for advertising with measurable results.
  • Involved in many major development and change projects.
  • Author of several books, DVDs, and articles in their fields.
  • Running his own publishing company - RB Publishing
  • Founder and owner of a company in the tourist and expericence business- Segway Adventure.

web_51A0683.jpgKenth Åkerman


I love my job and love what I do - my topics are in the fields of customerservice, leadership and culture. Enthusiasm, passion and joy are words often use. And thats what I also bring to the stage and unleash in the audiences I meet. I do change concrete!

For the success of your business
My mission is to provide inspiration, motivation and power to serve yourself and caring to serve others as service providers or as a leader. Through keynotespeeches, lectures, seminars, creative workshops and coaching, both in groups and individually. In Sweden and abroad.

With a look ahead to a strong business focus.
What I do will make a difference and change the people who I meet, whether it is from the scene at a speech, together with the management team or one on one during a coaching hours.

It will give; new perspectives and new insights that in turn creates changes in attitudes and behavior. I DO change concrete.

What will be the effect?
The effect is increased awareness and effort for you to be able to influence and control your life in the right direction. Which in turn gives reflection on your work, interaction with peers and meeting with your client or guest.

Would you like change? New energy? Better performance?

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The change does not take time to create new habits takes time.

Kenth Åkerman

 "Att ändra går fort. Att skapa vanan tar tid."

Mobil +46 705 29 21 80

Relationsbyggarna AB, Petter Emils Gård, 434 98 Kungsbacka.
Medlem i NSA - National Speaker Association Sweden


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