A mixture of theory and theater gives the audience insights and recognition to act differently. Kenth is one of the best speakers and motivators for groups of 300 people, as well as 20 individuals. No one is left untouched by his message and energy.

Creating momentum with energy and enthusiasm

He is passionate about creating perspective, change thoughts and create momentum. A new idea that leads to changed behavior. Or why not a new behavior that produces results that change your mind?

"Kenth is one great person with a grand aspect to life and a categorically awesome trainer that I’m really happy to be able to get to know and work with." Sevi Suol Albayrak, Volvo Cars, Turkey

Kenths keynotes are always fast-paced, practical, provocative and raises food for thought. With a lot of warmth, care and commitment. Kenth is his message!

  • Do you want an unforgettable keynote-presentation at your next conference?
  • Do you want to get a practical customized training that create change?
  • Are you looking for an energizing speech at the next sales meeting or client meeting?

Either is the best! I am passionate about creating perspective, with business in focus. The mission is to get people to wake up and rediscover their inner strength and potential: for a better life. I´m working for a sustainable leadership, value-based business and customer oriented company.

Talking about ...

Motivation and job satisfaction, the art of making others perform, world class customer service, successful corporate culture, mental training, vision, purpose and meaning, business acumen and entrepreneurship.



The Art of Making others Perform.
Practical coaching in leadership.

Leaders attract leaders. Successful leaders allow co-workers to step up, take on responsibilities, have influence and get due credit. Leaders let the team win. Leadership is about building winning teams. Change is made for people. Change is made by people. We work towards making us all better, together. That is how a winning culture is created. This keynote is about coaching, the art of making others perform. 

Target audience: managers and leaders at all levels, including project managers and managers without personnel, HR conference

An inspirational keynote on 

  • coaching for success
  • the ART of leadership
  • how to make others perform

Time: about 1-3 hours, or training over several days.

Blog: The ART of leadership in three words.

Leading in Times of Change.
Be a leader of tomorrow. 

Change should not be an aim to itself. New leaders sometimes have a tendency to be somewhat over-enthusiastic about making organizational changes, to show that there is a new person at the steering wheel. Oftentimes, the result is frustration and questions why. At one point when I was employed, we went through three re-organisations in less than a year! And things did not get better; instead we had increased confusion, lower pace and lost stamina. We got more self-styled managers, more rules and more structure. Change should never be an aim to itself. Things that are not broken should not be fixed. However, if people know and understand the reasons for why changes are to take place, they will generally approve. The clearer the goal is, the higher the motivation.

An inspirational keynote on

  • leadership of tomorrow
  • leading in times of change
  • new insights of core competence of leaders 

Target audience: managers and leaders at all levels, including project managers and managers without personnel, HR conference

Time: 1-1.5 hours

Blog: Three KEY competences for leaders in change



Full Speed Ahead!
Motivation in Times of Change.

Thoughts alone do not lead to success. Promises do not take you further towards your goal. Goals are not achieved automatically. For success to happen, you need action. 

Just because you yourself know the reasons for a particular change, it does not mean that everybody else knows too. Given that you are a leader, you have probably been aware of it longer, and had time to reflect. Your motivation, knowledge and understanding are on a higher level than your co-workers. Therefore, always allow time for the questions: Where are we going, and even more importantly, why is it so important to achieve this result?

What will you do differently after having participated in this inspirational keynote?

An inspirational keynote on

  • accountability, clarity, motivation, decisions and actions.
  • thoughts alone do not lead to success.
  • change does not take time to create, but a habit takes time.

Target audience: the entire staff, all employees, at conferences, as a keynote speech or closing lecture at the annual conference

Time: 1-1.5 hours

Blog: What drives your actions?


World Class Customer Service 
For more satisfied customers and growth.

Service, the word; What associations do you get? Service, to serve - maybe you get a positive feeling. Or maybe the opposite, a bitter aftertaste, and promise never to visit a particular store or hire the consultant. Either way, service is something that affects all of us as customers. As a private consumer or professional purchasers, B-to-B.

This keynote is about; What is World Class Service? How do you get there? What is the difference that makes the difference?

Target audience: all staff facing customer, physically or by telephone, shop staff member in shops, customer service, service providers in the hospitality and tourism industry, or service organization in the public sector

An inspirational keynote on

  • passion and winning attitude
  • what´s the difference between service and World Class Service
  • five key factors that makes your service work sustainable

Time: about 1-3 hours, or training over several days.

Charismatic Presentations 
You are the Message.

Do you want to improve your presentations? Do you want to avoid unneces- sary stress before a talk or lecture? Do you want you yourself to be a stronger part of the message? The key is not simply to adjust your rhetoric style. And it’s not about your presentational technique. Instead, it’s about the art of making people listen and embrace your message. In fact, it’s all about you as a speaker. 

Target audience: anyone who wants to be better at presenting in front of groups, but also for vendors, service personnel, employees and managers, who want to  reduce stress and really "reach out" in meeting with others.

An inspirational keynote on

  • what good speakers does 
  • how to get the roller coaster going
  • being comfortable in "the sweet spot"

Time: Workshop 3-4 hours, or training over several days.

For me, the most important question is:
What do you want the participants to get? Even a one-hour lecture can be used to convey messages and insight that creates action. And inspiration, joy, humor and motivation, you get "for free".

Take the best, leave the rest. 
And do something different after you´ve been listening to me!

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