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I am also a writer and author of numerous books, inspiration leaflets, a training DVD and a coach app. All in the fields of customer service, leadership and personal growth.


Books in Swedish:

"The Customer is your brand" /"Kunden är ditt varumärke"  was released 1999 it´s all about customer relations in theory and practice. Still relevant.

"The Customer Service Compass"/"Servicekompassen" (2004) focus on success factors for master class service. A digest of inspiration in customer service. Checklists, challenging questions and practical advice.


The bestseller "The ART of making people perform"/"Konsten att få andra att prestera" (2010) has been sold in over 7 000 ex and is still sought after.

"Recipes for a richer life. Personal Leadership"/"Receptbok för ett rikare liv. Personligt ledarskap" (2011) give you inspiration for personal growth. Coach yourself, manage stress, goal setting, time management and success principles are just some of the chapters.

Training DVD:

"More Flow - motivation and fun at work"/"Mera Flyt - Motivation och arbetsglädje" (2010). Effective training in personal development for personal and professional success. For individuals or groups.


The training package is in eight parts, with about 25 powerful exercises, reflections and depth bonus material. A total of about 4 hours, of which about 1 hr bonus coaching (motivation, successful coaching, goal setting , coach yourself). 

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