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Kenth Åkerman, speaker, leadership expert and author

Kenth is one of the best and most inspiring speakers for groups of 400 as well as 20 delegates. Kenth has inspired thousands of people, in Sweden and abroad, with his energizing and provocative speeches for over 15 years. He is an MBA, majoring in marketing and Certified NLP Trainer. He has a background in banking, travel industry and advertising. 

 "Kenth Åkerman is very inspirational to listen to as he challenge traditional ways of thinking and working.He is very enthusiastic and I can definitely recommend him as a motivational speaker."
Henrik Ebeklint, Manager System Level Services, 
HMS Industrial Networks 

He talks about motivation and job satisfaction, the art of getting others to perform, successful corporate culture, mental training, purpose and meaning, service in world class, business acumen and entrepreneurship. Kenth is also the author of books on coaching leadership, service and personal leadership.

Since the late 80s, he´s been working with strategic and tactical marketing, business development, leadership and management issues; as a consultant, project manager and trainer.

He is passionate about creating perspective, focused on the human side in business.

His keynotes are always fast-paced, practical, provocative and raises food for thought.
The motto is: do CHANGE concrete.

"Thank you for making our conference so successful. So many laughs have never been in our gatherings before. Certainly, many people have a few things worth considering from the day too. Compliments and shoulder pats seen and heard all over the place. Now we have to monitor and maintain what we have learned in the best way ...
Thank you, once again. You gave us the boost we so desperately needed. "

Ulrika Malmsten, HSB Gota AB


Short Facts:
Name: Kenth Åkermanweb_51A0683.jpg
Occupation: Motivational Speaker, leadershipexpert, mental coach, 
Family: wife Annika and one son, Emil, icelandic horses, clumberspaniels, two cats
Live: at a farm close to the sea (south of Gotenburg, Sweden)
Hobbies: "permanent life improvement", running, asthangayoga, socialize, good food, travelling, farmwork, personal development...


My vision as a speaker, creator of perspective and mental coach is to create change and greater insight for better service in business. And to support managers and employees who dare. Dare to lead self and others. For increased motivation and successful businesses. 

Background - qualifications:

  • Experienced business developer and entrepreneur.
  • 25 years experience in marketing, customer service, business acumen, leadership and "doing business".
  • Lecturer, educator and motivational speaker full-time since 1999.
  • MBA and Cert NLP Trainer
  • Very good ability to manage group processes and freeing the individual, group and organizational potential.
  • Strong commercial focus
  • Winner of the Golden Key ("Guldnyckeln", SWEDMA) diploma for direct marketing with measurable results.
  • Involved in many major development and change projects.
  • Author of several books, DVDs, and articles in his expertfields.
  • Running his own publishing company - RB Publishing
  • Founder of experience company  - Segway Adventure.


I love my job and love what I do. Passion is a word I often use. 

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Kenth Åkerman

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